Former RMAF officer wins RM235,000 in damages for wrongful arrest

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KUALA LUMPUR — Nov. 26, 2019: A former air force captain has been awarded damages of RM235,000 after winning his suit against the police and government for breach of statutory duty and wrongful detention in 2017.

In his ruling Justice Datuk Mohd. Firuz Jaffril ordered DSP Norzamani Mat Zim, the Royal Malaysian Police and the government to pay the damages resulting from the suit by Azrul Hardav Abdullah, 58.

The court also ordered the defendants to pay cost of RM40,000 to Azrul, who filed the suit in December 2017.   

After the plaintiff was arrested in January 2017, he was brought to the Johor Bahru magistrate’s court for a remand order that was rejected. Azrul was then ordered to be released but this did not happen. Instead, he was brought to Johor police headquarters and rearrested. No ground was given.

Norzamani then applied for a second remand order which was also refused and again Azrul was ordered to be released.

After being held in custody Azrul was taken to Kuantan for a third remand attempt. This too was rejected. Yet the police made a fourth attempt in Sepang for a remand order which ended like the first three attempts — rejected.

Firuz noted that Norzamani claimed to have been only following the order from a superior named Siva who was was never called as a witness.

He subsequently awarded Azrul RM75,000 for lost of liberty and RM15,000 for each day while in detention or RM60,000 in total.

The court also granted RM100,000 to Azrul for exemplary damages. — Bernama



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