Former DAP MP denies masterminding latest exodus

Among the 182 leaders and members of DAP in Malacca who exited the party over the weekend.

Among the 182 leaders and members of DAP in Malacca who exited the party over the weekend.

KUALA LUMPUR – March 13, 2017: Former DAP Kota Melaka member of parliament Sim Tong Him has denied being responsible for the resignation of 182 members of the party in Malacca yesterday.

Sim, one of the four DAP lawmakers who quit the party last month, said to The Mole that he had never encourages other members to follow in their footstep.

Some DAP members have taken to cyberspace to blame Sim as being the man behind the second wave of resignations.

“Those who had just resigned were among the experienced and active members. They have their own thoughts on everything and need no one to influence them.

“Nobody should accuse us, stating that we were paid to leave, unless you can prove it.

“Besides, my quitting should leave an impact. I don’t feel the DAP thinks I’m so influential,” Sim said, describing the accusation against him as nonsensical and ridiculous.

The members who resigned yesterday included several division leaders.

They were led by seven state committee leaders – Liou Chen Kuang, N Ghandi, Low Chew Lim, Henry Kang, Kenny Tam, Kng Tuan Hock and Tee Ai Yen.

In announcing their resignations they alleged that the party had deviated from its Malaysian Malaysia policy.

Sim and three state assemblymen left the party on February 12, citing disappointment with party’s deviation from its original goals. The others were Duyong assemblyman Goh Leong San, Bachang assemblyman Lim Jak Wong, and Kesidang assemblyman Chin Choong Seong.

Sim said the party leadership should start addressing members’ dissatisfaction and should avoid from blaming others for its internal fracture.

“There are too many arguments, especially at this juncture, where you may say something that could start off another war.

“The party doesn’t need that right now. The leaders should track those who had just resigned and ask about their frustrations, and then address it,” he said.



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