Football World Cup telecasts contradict aims of Tabung Harapan

World cup 2018 to be aired on RTM

Ahirul Ahirudin
Written by Ahirul Ahirudin

KUALA LUMPUR – May 31, 2018: The government’s decision to spend up to RM30 million to telecast the FIFA World Cup tournament in Russia on RTM has led to negative remarks in cyberspace.

While most Malaysians don’t seem to mind watching the telecasts for free, they felt that the government is contradicting itself since it has just launched the Tabung Harapan to supposedly help pay Malaysia’s debts.

Syahir, in expressing his disappointment on Twitter, said that to spend that much would be alright if not for the massive amount of debts the Pakatan Harapan government claimed it was trying to tackle.

“Spending RM40 million (RM30 actually) to telecast World Cup matches is not the issue. The issue is when you say the country has incurred a trillion (ringgit) of debts and even had to crowdfund through Tabung Harapan.

“Spending for World Cup is okay?” questioned Syahir.

Another Twitter user, Shahrul shared a similar opinion and said the government should not announce free viewing of World Cup matches and the launching of Tabung Harapan on the same day.

“Announced today is Tabung Harapan to ease Malaysia’s debt, also announced today is RM40 million to broadcast world cup. I didn’t know World Cup is a priority in times of ‘bad economy’,” wrote Shahrul.

Eddy Daud, in disagreeing with the free viewing of World Cup matches pointed out that the RM40 million funds allocated for it could have been used for something more important.

“I don’t agree with World Cup on RTM, chiefly because I don’t watch football. My point is, RM40 million should be put to better use like medicare,” wrote Eddy.

However, not all were unhappy over the matter as Twitter user Jimie Cheng pointed out that World Cup matches shown on RTM is not a new initiative and should not be a source of argument.

“2010 and 2014 also saw RTM airing world cup matches, nothing new. Let’s all relax and break the fast in a chilled manner,” wrote Jimie.

Another football fan who agreed with the free viewing was Aidil, who wrote that he was happy that the government gave him an alternative way to watch World Cup matches compared to just on Astro .

“I’m all for world cup matches broadcasted on RTM since I hate Astro,” said Aidil.

Echoing his opinion was Eddie Yusoff, who believes that since RTM will be broadcasting the World Cup matches, “everyone can watch no matter if it rains or shine”.

Eddie was apparently referring to the infamous signal issue commonly experienced by Astro user when it rains.



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