Floods worsen in Pahang, almost 2,000 evacuated

A flood-hit school in Kuantan yesterday.

A flood-hit school in Kuantan yesterday.

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KUANTAN, Jan 3 2018 : The situation in the flood-affected areas of Pahang has worsened and the number of victims has shot up to 1,884 people from 543 families as of 8 am today, compared to 1,331 people from 375 families last night.

Pahang Civil Defence Force director Zainal Yusof said Pekan was the latest district to succumb to floods and the first relief centre there was opened at 1 am today at Sekolah Kebangsaan Merchong Jaya Nenasi, housing 52 people from 13 families.

“Kuantan is the worst-affected district and records the most number of evacuees at 1,258 people from 373 families who are putting up at 13 centres.

“In Rompin, 574 people from 157 families are being housed at seven centres,” he said.

According to Zainal, most of the flood victims in the district were moved to Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Fakeh Abdul Samad (267 people from 65 families) followed by Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan (SMK) Gudang Rasau (263 people from 71 families).

The other relief centres were the Kampung Seri Damai community hall (156 people 66 families), SMK Paya Besar (121 people 28 families), Jaya Gading community hall (116 people 53 families), SMK Pandan (98 people 28 families), Kampung Tiram community hall (87 people 21 families), SK Kampung Padang (63 people 20 families).

Thirty-four people from eight families were putting up at the Drainage and Irrigation Department hall, Kampung Pahang community hall (25 people six families), Kampung Paya Bungor community hall (24 people five families) and SMK Sungai Lembing (four people from two families),” he said.

In Rompin, he said, the seven relief centres were the Kampung Setajam community hall (178 people 49 families), SK Sarang Tiong Kuala Rompin (159 people 37 families), SMK Pontian Jaya (85 people 24 families), Kampung Pianggu hall (71 people 24 families).

Kampung Sepayang community hall (61 people from 16 families), Teluk Gading community hall (15 people five families) and Kampung Mikang community hall (five people two families).

Meanwhile, the DID website indicated that the levels of two rivers had exceeded the danger point, namely, at the Sungai Lepar Station at Gelugor Bridge (30.34 metres) and Sungai Belat Station at Sri Damai (5.83 metres).

Four other stations showing warning-level readings were the Sungai Pahang Station at Paloh Hinai (9.78 metres), Sungai Tembeling at Kuala Tahan (67.73 metres), Sungai Pahang at Sungai Yap (51.95 metres) and Sungai Kuantan at Pasir Kemudi (7.84 metres).

In Johor, a total of 426 people from 113 families in the flood-hit Mersing and Kota Tinggi districts had been moved to nine relief centres as of 8 am today.

Johor Health, Environment, Education and Information Committee chairman Datuk Ayub Rahmat said the affected areas in Mersing were Taman Nakhoda, Air Papan, Kampung Tanjung Genting, Kampung Tenglu Besar, Kampung Kelantan, Kampung Air Tawar, Kampung Pengkalan, Kampung Air Merah and Kampung Jemari, while the two areas in Kota Tinggi were Kampung Bukit Raja and Kampung Sungai Buntu.

“Seven relief centres have been opened in Mersing, housing 393 people from 105 families, namely the Taman Nakhoda community hall, SK Air Papan, SK Tenglu, Kampung Benaung multipurpose hall, Endau Area Farmers Organisation, Sekolah Agama Pengkalan Batu and the Kampung Air Merah community hall,” he said in a statement.

Ayub said the two relief centres opened in Kota Tinggi, namely SK Telok Ramunia and the Sungai Buntu surau, housed 33 people from eight families.

Meanwhile, the Meteorological Department issued a severe weather warning for the Mersing district earlier today, saying heavy rain and strong winds were expected to occur. It also issued a weather alert for the districts of Kota Tinggi, Segamat and Kluang.

In Terengganu, the situation in the flood-hit areas of the state saw a slight decrease in the number of evacuees on the third day today, with 333 people from 110 families as at 8 am compared to 343 (114 families) last night.

According to the Info Banjir portal, two more relief centres had been opened in the Kemaman and Dungun districts, bringing the total to seven.

Dungun is the hardest hit, with 256 people from 93 families in three centres, while in Kemaman, there are 77 people from 17 families in four centres.

Terengganu director of education Shafruddin Ali Hussin said two schools were closed today due to the floods, namely, SK Pasir Raja in Dungun with 63 students and 17 teachers, and SK Pasir Gajah in Kemaman with 213 students and 23 teachers.

Terengganu Civil Defence Force director Lt Col Che Adam A Rahman said the drizzle and, at times, heavy rain in almost all parts of Terengganu was expected to continue until tomorrow.

In Kelantan, six schools in two districts with a total enrolment of 1,015, remained closed today due to floods.

Kelantan Education Department director Muhammad Zahari Othman, in a statement, said three of the schools were in Kuala Krai, namely SK Bahagia, SK Ladang Taku and SK Pasir Kelang, with 347 students.

The other three were in Tanah Merah, namely SK Ladang Kerilla, SK Sokor and SMK Ladang Kerilla, with a total of 668 students, he added.

Muhammad Zahari said the schools were closed due to several factors, the primary reason being the safety of the students and teachers.

In Sarawak, two primary schools have yet to begin the new school session this year due to the floods.

The Sarawak Disaster Management Committee, in a statement today, said the two schools ? SK Uma Sambop in Belaga and SK Rumah Essau in Subis ? had a total enrolment of 213.

“SK Uma Sambop, which has 158 students, 15 teachers and nine administrative staff, remains closed as the classrooms, dormitories and dining halls are still being cleaned with the help of parents,” it said.

SK Rumah Essau, which has 55 pupils, 10 teachers and two administrative staff, was closed as the floodwaters in and around the school had not receded since Dec 31 last year.

“Four other primary schools, namely SK Beliau Ahad, SK Sungai Kelabit, SK Telahak and SK Kuala Kenyana, have also been affected by the floods but they are not closed,” it added. – Bernama



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