Finas CEO still under fire despite clarification over streaming platforms issue

Shaira Idris
Written by Shaira Idris

KUALA LUMPUR – November 18, 2019: The barrage of online criticisms directed towards National Film Development Corporation (Finas) chief executive officer Ahmad Idham Ahmad Nadzri continued today despite his clarification on a proposal to regulate digital content on streaming platforms, such as Netflix.

In a Twitter thread posted on Saturday, Idham explained that he had addressed the complaints raised by parents over the lack of censorship of certain films during a seminar at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) which he attended earlier that day.

He said he was only proposing a collaboration between Finas and National Council of Women’s Organisations to initiate a forum or seminar to debate the issue in context of strengthening future digital content.

“It is clear that Finas has no power to censor, but in the context of digital content, Finas will always work on finding the best solution in empowering local content that will have a positive impact on the community and the nation,” his tweet read.

Yesterday, Idham reiterated that he did not advocate censoring Netflix.

However, netizens still haven’t stopped lashing out at him in social media, slamming him with an onslaught of snide and irate responses.

“You know what will bring positive impact on our society and nation? Your resignation,” Irwan (@thebtx) scoffed.

Joining the chorus of disapproval was Malaysian actor Tony Eusoff, who tweeted: “Please don’t do this-lah FINAS. What bulls*** is this? Why are parents so insistent on banning Netflix… Parents, regulate your own kids lah. Don’t be parents who are lazy…”

Some netizens got too personal, even to the extent of ridiculing the quality of Idham’s past productions.

“Your own films have shown objectification of women, so you shouldn’t interfere. It’s better for you to stay at home and watch old VCDs of your own films and reflect on the “sweet memories” of your success…” Aimee (@okayaimee) tweeted.

“Finas dude that makes egregious movies urges us not to watch quality content on Netflix because he’s scared,” Ameera (@ilsorareema) tweeted.

Last September, FINAS launched ‘Aflix,’ a local streaming platform which focuses on producing and providing “ethical entertainment” for the Malaysian audience.

The launch of Aflix had apparently escaped the attention of many until yesterday, when the Netflix issue became a trending topic on social media.

This newly-introduced initiative has met with much skepticism among netizens who question the practicality of the platform.

Actor Tony Eusoff in another tweet voiced his criticism regarding the matter.

“Ethical streaming… What does that even mean?? If you can’t handle the internet, perhaps learn from the Amish community — reject all things modern. They chose their path and they stuck to it. That’s commitment. Don’t be a half a**,” Tony remarked.



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