Fewer drivers registering with Grab following new regulations

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KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 1 2018 : Grab Malaysia has seen a reduction in the registration of new part-time drivers following the regulations imposed by the Ministry of Transport (MOT) on ride-hailing companies.

Country Head Sean Goh said the number of new part-time drivers had decreased, but he is positive this situation will eventually recover.

“It is normal that during a transition period we see a decrease.

“We are finding the best solution for all (parties) as we understand the majority of our drivers are part-timers and their income from Grab contributes 30 per cent to their household income,” he told reporters after meeting with the Council of Eminent Persons here today.

Goh said that Grab had engaged with the MOT and emphasised it would be a continuous discussion between the two parties to find common ground.

It was previously reported that e-hailing services would be subject to the same regulations as taxis, especially for licence and registration, vehicle inspection and operational requirements.

E-hailing companies must also register with the Companies Commission, or Cooperative Commission, and ensure vehicles undergo yearly inspections if older than three years.

Currently, more than 50 per cent of Grab’s fleet are above three years.

Meanwhile, Goh said Grab is in discussion with various insurance companies on new insurance requirements and had yet to close the door to any interested party.

The MOT had announced that e-hailing services must provide insurance coverage for drivers, vehicles, passengers and damages to third parties.

Grab was given a grace period of one year to comply with the new regulations. – Bernama



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