Fake news again & this time it’s about Dayak dancers in the park!

Dayak Fake

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – May 19, 2017: A yet another fake news and this time it’s about a dance troupe in their traditional Dayak attire being chased out of the KLCC Park.

The claim was proven false after Facebooker Fatin Nadia confronted Abam Supir, who first started the issue five days ago.

According to Fatin, the dancers were not strolling around and taking pictures on the day of the incident as claimed by Abam Supir but were instead performing a dance.

“The security personnel merely asked them to stop as they did not have the permit to perform in a public place,” she wrote at the comment section of Abam Supir’s wall.

A check by The Mole with the KL City Hall bylaws revealed that a permit must be applied by those who wish to stage any theatrical performance in public.

Responding to Fatin, Abam Supir argued that the troupe was not performing but merely practising their routines to prepare for a competition, a fact he never mentioned in his viral yet-already-deleted claim.

“So I guess it’s true that the troupe has been dancing in the park,” Fatin responded. “It’s no wonder I find it weird when you claimed that the troupe was chased out because of their attire.”

Blogger Big Dog in a post titled Fake News Fide pointed out that the security personnel had not only advised the troupe to seek approval but also provided them with the contact details to do so.

He further suggested the allegation that the troupe was forced out of the park due to their Dayak costume may be maliciously intended.  

“This is conveniently less than two weeks before our fellow Malaysians in Sabah and Sarawak celebrate their Hari Ka’amatan and Gawai.

“Malaysians should use social media to foster unity and strength instead of sensationalising fake news and proof the peril of information democracy, which could consequentially build into ill feelings,” the blogger wrote.

Repeated attempts to get a clarification from the park’s facility managing company, KLCC Urusharta Sdn. Bhd., were unsuccessful.



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