Facebook suppresses satire page TTKM for taking aim at DAP


Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR — July 31, 2019: At the height of its popularity, a single political satire post by anonymous group Tentera Troll Kebangsaan Malaysia (TTKM) reached tens of thousands of fans at Facebook.

But it can no longer be the case, not because TTKM has seen support for it waning but rather due to a peculiarly-done suppression by Facebook.

The administrators of the TTKM page state that the temporary feature limit implicating their page was placed after it shared a post highlighting the alleged hypocrisy of DAP politicians over their silence over a rape allegation implicating one of them.

According to Facebook, the contentious post had violated its policies on nudity and sexual activity, adding that the limit was activated to prevent disruptive and abusive remarks from commenters.

“These limits are usually triggered when someone is adding too many friends outside of their network, sending repetitive messages, or posting too frequently in groups,” was Facebook’s reply to the administrators.

TTKM’s administrators, however, rubbished the explanation because the post had zero nudity of sexual content since it was a collage of screen grabs of news headlines and anti-rape statements uttered by DAP politicians when they were in the opposition.

One of the statements was from now minister Yeo Bee Yin, who on June 3, 2014, called for immediate police action against 38 individuals who were investigated for allegedly raping a 15-year-old girl in Kelantan.

“We suspect our page has been buried because we shared the post from the Korek Korek page which criticised the DAP over the alleged rape of an Indonesian maid by a DAP assemblyman,” one of the administrators said.

Yesterday, the 15-day suppression was lifted in the morning but is believed to have been re-imposed hours later. 

“This time around it happened at 9:00 PM and we did not get any notification or explanation from Facebook,” said the administrator.

The Mole is still waiting for an explanation from Facebook.

Followers of TTKM have complained at Facebook that TTKM’s posts have stopped appearing on their timelines.

“I have to manually visit TTKM’s page to see your posts. What did you guys do to be buried for the second time?” asked TTKM fan Mustaqim Mus.

Although they did not explicitly point fingers, the administrators believed that the tangle happened against the backdrop of the government’s call for Facebook to up its game in handling freedom in the cyberspace.

“Freedom of speech that isn’t curtail by benevolence will only bring disaster for the community. Freedom of speech must not be abused. What is illegal offline should be illegal online,” said Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad when he officiated Facebook’s office here in late May.



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