Experts dismiss mid-brain activation claim as a scam

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – April 3, 2017: Medical experts have rubbished a claim that activating a child’s mid-brain will turn them into geniuses capable of wielding psychic powers.

Instead they simply conclude that those making the claim are merely running a lucrative scam.

The Mole has learned that the so-called activation therapy which was glowingly highlighted by news outlets Berita Harian and RTM last year has since been upping their advertising through social media.

Those responsible promise that their therapy which costs between RM500 and RM800 per month will not only enhance a child’s intelligence, creativity and memory but also cure autism and dyslexia.

Some even go as far as claiming that this therapy can help develop extrasensory perceptions such as remote viewing, telepathy and telekinesis.

In response, Malaysian Association of Neurosurgeon secretary Dr. Azmi Alias clarified that the supposed benefits of the therapy is untrue because there are no scientific evidence and researches to back the claim.

Azmi, a neurouergeon at Kuala Lumpur Hospital, explained in an email that although scientists have yet to finish studying the human brain, their latest findings indicate that the mid-brain does not have any ESP (extrasensory perception)-invoking functions.

“Mid-brain or mesencephalon connects the brain stem to other higher centres of the brain, something like our body’s computer superhighway.

“The function of the mid-brain is to control an individual’s hearing, motor control, vision, arousal and temperature regulation. It also controls a person’s sleep and awake cycle,” he wrote.

On whether the activation of the mid-brain can bring about ESP, Azmi does not fully dismiss the possibility of humans being able to obtain certain unique ability through consistent training.

“But until now how many superhuman or genius kids have been produced through this technique?

“Also, this therapy may be able to calm some autistic and dyslexic children and improve their attention and focus but I am very doubtful it can cure them.”

Responding to this explanation, a mid-brain activation therapist contacted under the guise of an interested parent sent a video of a group of children accurately guessing several coloured cards while being blindfolded.

However, according to the president of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associaton, Dr. Narendra Nayak, the feat had nothing to do with a child’s so-called x-ray vision.

The popular pseudoscience debunker recounted how he had in 2015 exposed a father who claimed that his son, whose mid-brain had been activated, could recognise colours by mere touch and read blindfolded.

A local optometrist, Dr. Ranjan Khaber, also echoed similar views over how absurd it is for one to feel colour.

Ranjan argued that colour is a property of light and without light, there will be no colour and without colour, reading is next to impossible.



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