Ex-Air Force captain lodges police report against pro-Mahathir FB

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

SUBANG JAYA — February 2, 2018: The administrators of the Mahathir The Legend Facebook page are mired in yet another controversy.

This time around it’s due to the claim over the supposed dishonourable discharge of a retired captain of the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF).

According to Abdul Rahmat Hanif Omar, the accusation was made following a spat at Facebook yesterday between him and the page’s administrators over the relocation of the RMAF base from Kuala Lumpur to Negri Sembilan.

“They have been attacking me (on Facebook) since last year but I put up with it.

“However, they crossed the line when they insulted my service to the Agong,” said Rahmat after lodging a police report here today.

Rahmat, who retired in 1995, explained that had he been dishonourably discharged, it would be impossible for him to provide the police with the documents to back his case.

“I gave the police a copy of my ex-armed forces card and my armed forces services logbook.

“I would not have these two documents if I was dishonorably discharged.

“I hope the police will take actions against slanderous social media pages such as this,” said Rahmat, a son of former Inspector-General of Police Tun Mohammed Hanif Omar.

The controversy which preceded that of Rahmat’s was a post four days-ago that featured a picture of Malaysian police cars bearing Chinese insignia.

“What is so special about China that they can enjoy this kind of treatment? What is the Home Ministry’s agenda by allowing this to happen,” was the administrators’ strongly-worded posting.

Bukit Aman, the federal police headquarters, however rubbished the claim and pointed out that the cars were actually for a movie shoot in Putrajaya.

Bukit Aman corporate communications chief Senior Assistant Commissoner Datuk Asmawati Ahmad said yesterday that the movie was about the life of a policeman.

The administrators of the page had, following Asmawati’s explanation, downplayed their claim, stressing that they were merely seeking an explanation from the government.



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