Ekuinas invites graduates to join Professional Development Program

KUALA LUMPUR – April 8, 2016: Ekuiti Nasional Berhad (Ekuinas) is inviting local graduates from public and private universities to apply for its Professional Development Program (PDP).

The PDP, which is helmed under its corporate social responsibility program aims to provide graduates with job experience and opportunity to develop their employability.

The 12-month program offers industrial training through works placements at Ekuinas’ portfolio companies, giving them exposure to business, management, and leadership skills.

The program will also exposes its trainees to English communication and presentation skills, aside of financial acumen and endurance training.

Graduates with minimum 2.8 CGPA and possess good communication skills are highly encouraged to apply for the PDP.

Ekuinas also invites graduates who are specialised in business, marketing, finance, management, retails, food and beverages, and marine engineering to join the program.

Local graduates who are interested in joining the July 2016/2017 session are welcomed to submit their resumes to iltizampdp@ekuinas.com.my or sign up at ILTIZAM Educationbefore April 17.

PDP Program Ekuinas

Graduates are invited to apply for the PDP before April 17.



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