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Endurance module in Ekuinas’ professional development program

The Professional Development Program (PDP) trainees during Endurance Training at Broga Hills.

KUALA LUMPUR – March 28, 2016: Ekuiti Nasional Berhad (Ekuinas), under its corporate social responsibility program ILTIZAM has introduced endurance training as a complementary module to its professional development program (PDP).

The PDP is a 12-month program to provide industrial training for local graduates in developing their employability, through placements at Ekuinas’ portfolio companies.

Ekuinas, in a statement, said it introduces endurance training as part of the PDP to encourage healthy and active lifestyle among the participants.

Ekuinas director of stakeholder interest Hizwani Hassan said those who live a healthy lifestyle tend to be more productive at their workplace.

“The value of teamwork among colleagues is imperative as well. Thus, the endurance training will help participants to learn to be more pro-active in their workplace,” he added.

Hizwani said the PDP has been ongoing for 10 months.

The second preliminary endurance training was held on March 5, in which 48 trainees were sent to hike at Broga Hills, Semenyih.

Hizwani, who led the trip to Broga said the hiking was regarded as a test for the participants in facing their next challenge in May, which is a hiking expedition at Gunung Nuang, Hulu Langat.

The PDP trainees at the peak of Broga Hills, during their endurance training.

The PDP trainees at the peak of Broga Hills, during their endurance training.

Aside of the 12-month industrial and endurance training, the PDP also exposes its trainees to entrepreneurial and business management skills, aside of grooming and branding ability.

Local graduates who are interested in joining the program for July 2016/2017 session are welcomed to submit their resumes to, before April 17.



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