E-voting issue causes commotion at Selangor PKR election

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KUALA SELANGOR, Oct 28 2018 : A commotion occurred when PKR members who turned up at the Kuala Selangor divisional election were not allowed to vote following a problem concerning the e-voting system.

PKR members who were present since 8am at the Kuala Selangor Indoor Stadium today were clearly dissatisfied when they were still not allowed to cast their votes by 11am.

The situation, however, was brought under control by the staff present besides the many members of the security forces who were there to maintain crowd control.

Central Election Committee head, Azmira Ibrahim when approached by reporters said the e-voting system had faced technical problems.

“Right now we are discussing with all the six candidates whether they want to proceed or otherwise if the system still failed to function.

 “We give them a deadline up to 11am and if they still had problems, we have to postpone the date and change the venue,” he said.

Meanwhile, the voting process at the PKR Tanjong Karang division was delayed for 40 minutes when the e-voting system faced technical problems.

Tanjong Karang PKR division secretary Raja Shahmirulzaman Raja Badakozaman said the e-voting could not read the identity cards of the PKR members who had come to vote for the leadership at the divisional level and the Central Leadership Council.

“But the situation returned to normal and the members could vote again at about 10am,” he said when approached by Bernama.

He said he expected about 40 per cent of the 3,414 voters in Tanjong Karang to have turned up to cast their ballots. – Bernama



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