Drug party case linked to assemblyman sows public doubts

Adhif Syan Abdullah

Ahirul Ahirudin
Written by Ahirul Ahirudin

KUALA LUMPUR – January 14, 2020: The reported drug party linked to a state assemblyman is currently the most discussed subject in Malaysian cyberspace with most leaving unpleasant comments about it.

Yesterday, it was confirmed that the Selangor state assemblyman, along with four political special officers were among 17 people arrested during a raid in Puchong early Monday.

Although unnamed by the police, media reports have repeatedly mentioned Dengkil assemblyman Adhif Syan Abdullah as being among those arrested.

Adhif Syan is the Selangor Pribumi Bersatu Youth chief.

Consequently, the social media has been abuzz on the matter and most of the comments were negative and laced with doubts that proper justice will be meted out.

Muhammad Azizan, in expressing his doubt that the case will be properly handled said he believes that the second set of urine sample test of those arrested would probably net a different result.

“The second urine test would definitely turn out negative, definitely,” wrote Azizan through his Facebook account.

He was apparently referring to the statement by Inspector General of Police, Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador that the investigation was still underway and that the police was still waiting for the second set of urine samples.

“I hope the higher up will handle this case with honesty and integrity, and don’t blame the rank and file workers when the people of Malaysia no longer trust the police.

“Sometimes, it is the higher up’s actions that caused us Malaysians to lose trust,” he added.

Another Facebooker, Syamzari Ghazali, shared Azizan’s concerns and lamented how the case would not likely be handled to serve justice.

“There’s no need for even the assemblyman to deny. We Malaysians can already predict that this case will be dropped.

“The case involving Mat Sabu’s (Defence Minister Mohamad Sabu) son whom has no position whatsoever has also gone quiet, what more can we expect of this case which involves an assemblyman,” wrote Syamzahari.

Facebooker Shamsuri Ismail echoed the others’ opinion, going as far as to create his own news headline.

“Tommorow in the news, ‘due to technical difficulties, the Pakatan Harapan assemblyman was found not guilty and released’,” he wrote in an obvious sarcastic manner.



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