Ditching 1Malaysia will not be good for Malaysia

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – August 13, 2015: The 1Malaysia concept is still needed by Malaysians despite critics saying that it was timely for Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to ditch it..

The positive sentiment towards 1Malaysia was shared by Barisan Nasional component parties leaders, who were contacted by The Mole today.

The call for Najib to get rid of the 1Malaysia concept was among others voiced by prominent blogger Helen Ang, in her latest posting, 1Strategy to help save Najib.

Ang was of the opinion that the concept actually “injuring” Najib’s political career.

She argued that “Najib’s 1Malaysia is as muddled as Tun Dol’s (previous prime minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) Islam Hadhari.”

“Really don’t know why he’s still diligently, dutifully but more rather religiously wearing the 1Malaysia pin daily.

“The Chinese spit on his 1Malaysia. The Indians are less than lukewarm. Sarawak wants more autonomy and parochialism is growing stronger each day among Sarawakians. Some Sabahans are dreaming of secession.

“So who is the 1Malaysia really for, and in what way does adhering to it benefit Najib?,” Ang wrote in her blog.

Aside from pointing out that Najib is failing to garner support from the ethnic minorities with his 1Malaysia concept, Ang viewed that Najib is “at the same time increasing the ire of the Malays at him.”

MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chairman Datuk Seri Ti Lian Ker disagreed with Ang’s negetive perception of 1Malaysia.

Ti, via his text to The Mole, insisted that failing to adhere to the concept shows that Malaysians, despite shouting “no racial stereotyping” or parochialism has “failed to live up to its demands.”

“1Malaysia is a good product for the nation and spells well for the future of the country.

“We should not allow PM Najib’s 1Malaysia to be ditched or suffered death prematurely and instead strengthen our political will to ensure this altruistic or moderate concept for the sake of the nation and its future.

“1Malaysia is a moderation concept and must not be ditched.

“Its failure does not only spell the failure of PM Najib’s stewardship but also spells the failure of Malaysians to walk our talk of moderation.”

On Ang’s argument that DAP has been hijacking the 1Malayssia concept and has been using it as a tool to provoke BN leaders and supporters, Ti said such action shows the “hypocrisy of DAP leaders.”

He argued that DAP did this in order to show that there is still inequality or uneven playing field in the Malaysian politics.

“DAP successfully exploited 1Malaysia to take a dig at PM Najib without assisting or helping to explain its concept and intent towards building a united nation.

“DAP in doing so had contributed towards the failure of 1Malaysia of which they have done a disservice to the country. This has also exposed DAP’s hypocrisy in championing their own Malaysian Malaysia concept.

“Instead of supporting the 1Malaysia concept, they have chose to join Pas or Umno detractors who do not accept 1Malaysia as they are still holding onto the supremacy of race and religion,” Ti added.

MIC strategic director Datuk Seri Vell Paari is also against the idea of ditching the 1Malaysia concept.

He pointed out that it was the first genuine effort by a sitting Prime Minister to unite the country and to make sure that the minorities in Malaysia do not feel discriminated.

“We cannot be ditching the concept for the sake of opposition’s criticisms. When has the opposition not criticise the effort of our prime minister and BN.

“Everybody talks about Malaysia but Datuk Seri Najib Razak is the first Prime Minister who has genuinely made the effort to unite all Malaysians via his 1Malaysia concept,” said Vell Paari in his text message.

Gerakan national youth chief Tang Keng Liang also thinks that the concept should not be dumped because “in its essence, 1Malaysia is the most suitable concept to foster unity in our multicultural society.”

“It may be flawed in terms of execution and we may have failed to efficiently market this concept but these are just minor setbacks that can be repaired.

“With the right amount of works done, this concept will be beneficial for all because it was conceptualize to take care of everyone instead of just any particular race or certain segments in the society,” said Tang.



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