Director makes damning allegation against Zahid Hamidi

A company director has claimed that he paid a bribe of RM2 million to Zahid (photo) to secure a government contract.

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KUALA LUMPUR — Nov. 27, 2019: A company director today made a damning allegation in court, saying that he had paid former deputy prime minister Datuk Seri Zahid Hamidi RM2 million so that his company would win a government contract.

The deal was supposedly to allow Profound Radiance Sdn. Bhd. (PRSB), a one-stop visa processing centre (OSC) company, to be appointed to operate an OSC system for Nepal and Pakistan, claimed Azlan Shah Jaffril.

A former director of PRSB, Nor Rosnani Ibrahim, has brought a civil suit against Azlan and PRSB.

When asked by lawyer Datuk R. S. Sodhi if three charges Zahid is facing in another court are linked to the RM2 million, Azlan answered in the affirmative and said he will be a prosecution witness in Zahid’s ongoing trial. 

In his witness statement Azlan mentioned that the Home Ministry had revoked PRSB’s contract in November 2015 but in mid-2016 it was awarded the OSC job for Nepal and Pakistan.

In the suit filed last May, Nor Rosnani alleged that Azlan had breached an agreement and requested him to transfer 30 per cent of the shares in PRSB to her.

In the statement of claim, Nor Rosnani alleged that Azlan was to transfer the 30 per cent to her after he had resolved an issue relating to PRSB’s operations in Bangladesh. 

Nor Rosnani also claimed that Azlan had refused to distribute the revenue from PRSB’s operations to shareholders, including herself, according to their respective shareholdings. 

The hearing continues on Friday. — Bernama



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