Dira & Dyana debate on beauty, brains, capabilities

Dyana Sofya (L) and Dira

Dyana Sofya (L) and Dira

Ahirul Ahirudin
Written by Ahirul Ahirudin

KUALA LUMPUR – February 22, 2018: It was one Facebook Live session when a Puteri Umno leader, Dira Abu Zahar, and DAP Youth (Dapsy) ) icon Dyana Sofya Mohd. Daud debated on whether a politician’s appearance should matter to the people.

Although both agreed that a politician should be better appreciated for their achievements and services, those who watched the debate appeared to have their own preferences as to who between the two better articulated her points.  

Quite a large number agreed that Dira appeared to be more mature and a better debater than Dyana.

Facebooker Firdaus Muttalib pointed out that the tone of Dyana’s voice was less comfortable to hear compared to Dira’s.

“Note that Diana’s voice is too high pitched, annonying. Dira has a deeper voice, soothing and calming,” wrote Firdaus. 

Another Facebooker, Rosli Samat, commented on how Dira carried herself better compared to Dyana.

“Dira had the better body language, a good talent for a politician,”  wrote Rosli. 

Dira  also won praises for being more factual and better at getting her points across.

“Dira is the best, she is so confident with the points that she doesn’t even need a script,” wrote a Facebooker by the name of  Adel Shinoro.

However, there were also many who chose to laud both of Dira and Dyana for their professionalism and maturity in politics, with some describing them as future leaders.

“Both figures are credible in their own ways, I’m impressed. I’m glad Malaysia has such young and insightful individuals. Keep it up girls!” wrote Facebooker Abu Hassan.

The Facebook Live session on Tuesday was  organised by local Malay daily Sinar Harian.

Despite concluding that a politician’s looks should be of secondary consideratione, both Dira and Dyana nonetheless insisted that good looks dos play a role in attracting the attention of young voters. 

“If a candidate is good looking he or she can attract more attention from young voters. Then the voters will start looking at the candidate’s personality to see if they can relate. Candidates with good looks are like magnets,” said Dira.  



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