Deputy Works minister quits as widely speculated — and meets up with Mahathir

Written by TheMole

KUALA LUMPUR — June 4, 2020: Datuk Shahruddin Md. Salleh has quit as deputy works minister but has also been giving mixed signals regarding his political loyalty and allegiance, whether it’s still with the ruling Perikatan Nasional or its predecessor Pakatan Harapan.

There was more drama when soon after announcing his resignation Shahruddin met up with former prime minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad at the latter’s office. Mahathir has been on a warpath with Muhyiddin since recent weeks. Shahruddin once served as Muhyiddin’s political secretary and is a Member of Parliament for Sri Gading.

Speculation about his possible resignation began when last Tuesday he said he wanted to see the party (Pribumi Bersatu) remain strong and that his love for it was above any leader, including Muhyiddin or its former chairman Mahathir.

Today Mahathir put up a video at Twitter with the caption “welcome back” and showing Shahruddin walking into his office.

In the resignation letter that was tagged to his Facebook, Shahruddin said it was not the right move to join the Perikatan government.

He said he should have placed priority by considering his voters in Sri Gading who chose Pakatan in the 2018 elections.



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