DAP’s CNY parody video backfires

Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – February 22, 2016: “Infuriating and downright rude”, that was the opinion reverberated by certain quarters of the Chinese community in response to a DAP’s Chinese New Year parody video.

The three-minutes video, laden with political satires, believed to be co-directed by DAP national publicity secretary Tony Pua and assistant secretary Teo Nie Ching was uploaded in Youtube yesterday.

It showed the duo prancing around with another person dressed as the God of Prosperity, Choi San, whose efforts to give out ‘angpows’ was eclipsed by an Arab-looking man holding a cheque worth RM2.6 billion addressed to the Prime Minister.

“Silly YB! As parliamentarians, it is a disgrace to our country. It (the video) shows how immature they are,” commented Michael Lee Beng Seng in his Facebook.

“They stoop so low to play around with Chai Sen. My advise to our learned voters, do not support them. Throw them out from whatever constituencies.

“We want quality parliamentarians to lead our country to greater heights,” he wrote.

Mikaherl Chan pointed out he has had enough with “low class” opposition leaders like Pua and Teo.

“We have seen enough low class ministers and do we want to elect them to be office bearers?” he wrote.

“Only weak, narrow and sick minded people can stoop that low to express political agenda,” Jason Gan commented, “What a shameful gutter politics.”

Another Facebooker Yeo Tiang Hui viewed that the duo were mere “imbeciles” rejects of the Chinese race.

He wrote that it was shocking to see how they have managed to “drag down” Chinese customs and a deity just for the sake of gaining political mileage.

“I cannot imagine Muslims making a mockery of Islam, the Indians making a mockery of their religious practices, or Christians making a mockery of Nativity to score cheap political points like this.

“They are intellectually and morally bankrupt. We want concrete policy pronouncements and constructive criticism of the existing system but what we get is such juvenile delinquency.

“We shudder at the thoughts that the alternative is these clowns. They want us to put them in the Parliament and the Cabinet. But their actions only go to convince us they belong to the circus,” he wrote.

Peter CB Yap commented that these “born again Christians” in DAP have no respect for other religious beliefs and traditions.

“They are chauvinistic as$#$@%# but are well loved by their stupid Chinese zombies,” he wrote.

Tony (left) and Teo (right) along with an arrab looking guy holding angpows

Tony (left) and Teo (right) along with an arrab looking guy holding angpows



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