DAP unperturbed by Pas members’ hardened hostility

DAP and Pas

KUALA LUMPUR – May 4, 2017: DAP grassroots leaders are not perturbed by Pas members’ stand for the party to break off its political cooperation with PKR.

Those contacted by The Mole also insisted that they are unfazed by Pas’ action to declare DAP as its main enemy in the next general election – simply because DAP no longer has any ties with the Islamist party.

They said DAP is moving on to win in the next general election with the soon-to-be registered Pakatan Harapan (PH) coalition and to prove that the pact is not exclusive to one race and one religion.

Pas’ declaration against DAP did not go down well with the party secretary-general Lim Guan Eng earlier, as he chided Pas for “losing its way” in politics.

For DAP Selangor publicity secretary Ng Suee Lim, it all depends on Pas coming to its terms and settling the internal affairs with PKR.

However, Ng said it is also up to the people to decide on their support towards Pas, now that the party has appeared to be pursuing Umno as its next ally.

“Our state (Selangor) government has no problem with their move to break away (from PKR and Pakatan Harapan). We remain very firm.

“Whereas, we respect what Pas is doing and its move to declare us as its enemy. But, we’ll let the people decide.”

Ng is also confident that the opposition pact can win in the general election without Pas in the equation.

DAP Selangor assistant organising secretary V. Ganabatirau thinks it is still not on for Pas to chide DAP, as the Islamist party had broken off their ties in its annual general assembly in 2015.

“Our ties had been severed in the past Muktamar, so, what’s there for DAP to comment?” the Kota Shah Alam assemblyman said.

On another note, he has dismissed the accusation by Umno information chief Tan Sri Annuar Musa that DAP is upset over Pas’ latest moves.

If this is what Umno had said, it’s a good news for them, then they should go and celebrate. They shouldn’t have condemned us and they should be bold enough to call for elections now,” he added.

Batu Kawan member of parliament P. Kasthuri concurs, adding that Pas must declare its stand on whether to remain as an opposition or otherwise.

“It’s good to take note that Pakatan Rakyat’s formation had shown that all of us – DAP, PKR and Pas need each other to prove that we fight for all. So, the question should be on Pas (whether to remain as an opposition).”



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