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Zaidi Azmi
Written by Zaidi Azmi

KUALA LUMPUR – July 18, 2017: In pointing a finger to politics as a factor, a couple of DAP grassroots leaders believe that a re-election of the party’s central executive committee as ordered by the Registrar of Societies will make the party stronger.

They appear confident that this will be the eventual outcome because they consider the controversy as a political ploy orchestrated by Barisan Nasional. Thus this will help rally the party’s supporters.

Sekinchan assemblyman Ng Sue Lim cites the timing of the notice from the RoS as the main factor why many deem it to be politically motivated.

“Why does it take the RoS four years to act on the purported anomalies during our 2012 CEC election?

“Coupled with talk that the next general election will be held next year, who can blame our supporters for thinking so?” asked Ng.

In a statement last Friday, the RoS ordered DAP to hold fresh CEC elections following complaints filed by some delegates.

DAP had in 2013 issued a statement saying that it had already held a CEC re-election that year.

The RoS however countered that the re-election was invalid as it was not carried out based on the list of delegates authorised to attend and vote in the 2012 election.

Ng stressed that if the controversy is an attempt by BN to disqualify DAP from contesting in the next general elections, it would most likely backfire.

“DAP does not have to do much, all it has to do is play the victim card and we will get loads of sympathy,” said Ng.

Kota Darul Aman assemblyman Teoh Boon Kok is sure of BN’s hand in the controversy.

He said many DAP supporters want the party to go against the directive but he cautioned them to abide by the party leadership’s decision.

“The CEC will discuss the matter tomorrow and I feel that whatever the decision may be, party members must obey it, even if it leads to another CEC election,” Teoh said.

Some DAP supporters, however, had taken to Facebook in airing out their ire.

“This is a witch hunt by BN. What does BN thinks it can gain by trying to remove the people’s democratic choice to vote for the opposition by de-registering parties?” wrote Troy Choy.

“It seems to me that RoS is purposely trying to sabotage DAP. This is why certain departments should be made an independent body so as to ensure its integrity,” wrote Ravindran Ramasamy.

“RoS is acting on behalf of their boss, who will give more trouble and try his best to stop DAP from contesting in the next GE,” wrote Beng Ong.

Critics of DAP, however, argued that the party leadership should abide by the directive instead of trying to blame others for their mistake of not holding a proper CEC election.

“You, DAP leaders are so dramatic. If the party is truly democratic then why are you guys so scared to conduct a re-election? Just do it and prove us critics wrong,” wrote Rajneethu Guru.

“DAP is just full of drama. RoS, please be firm, if DAP does not want to follow your directives then just de-register them because the case has been dragging on for far too long,” wrote Hatta Morshidi.



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