DAP MP under fire a second time for defending hudud

This view however was expressed during campaigning before the last general election

KUALA LUMPUR – March 27, 2017: DAP national organising secretary Anthony Loke has been heavily slated by many in cyberspace over a recently resurfaced video of him supporting the implementation of hudud.

The video which went viral from last week shows Loke giving an assurance to the audience that they should not fear the penalties of syariah criminal laws if they do not rob or steal.

The less than one-minute video in Mandarin also records Loke questioning his supporters for their fear towards hudud.

“In fact, we already have more scary laws in Malaysia today. If you break drug laws, you will be hanged until death. If (you’re) not scared of hanging, then why are you scared of cutting off hands or feet?” Loke asks in the video.

Responding to this, Loke, who is also the Seremban Member of Parliament, said he was only assuring supporters of the then Pakatan Rakyat that hudud was not the coalition’s major agenda.

Speaking to the online news portal Antarapos last week, he stressed that MCA had been trying to scare Chinese voters by saying that DAP and its allies were at that time pushing for hudud.

He also admitted that he did so to reassure the Chinese community to support Pakatan Rakyat in the 13th general election.

Loke further described the circulation of the video as part of an agenda by MCA to divert support of the Chinese community away from the opposition.

However, his explanation did not go down well with many netizens.

They believe that Loke needs to be responsible for his previous statements and not to blame others for the video going viral.

Anonymous political commentator Lim Sian See in a Facebook post wrote that it is always DAP’s logic to put the blame on others for anything that is affecting the party.

“Then he (Loke) blames others for circulating the video of him cheating voters, saying that it is ‘diversion’. That is DAP.”

Farouk Khan agrees. “DAP has their own logic. Normal human beings can never understand their unprincipled sense of principals where everything they do is justified and right and everyone else is wrong.”

Ahmad Haromain Al-Phard concurs, adding that it is no shocker if Loke and other DAP leaders will soon blame Gerakan, and even the MIC.

Raymond Kek thinks that it is not right for Loke to ‘lie’ in the previous general election to win the Chinese community’s votes.

Vincent Chew further chides Loke, adding that DAP leaders never think of the consequences of their conflicting statements.

“If he (Loke) was not recorded in a video, I would bet that he would have denied making such a speech.”

In a separate statement yesterday, Gerakan secretary-general Datuk Liang Teck Meng has urged Loke to apologise to the public for “shirking of responsibility”.

He also criticised Loke for blaming MCA for the video going viral.

“It seems that DAP politicians, no matter how senior they are, do not have to take responsibility for their actions, can say whatever they like and it is always someone else’s fault,” Liang wrote.



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