DAP MP violated Parliament’s standing orders

Zaidi Azmi
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Speaker points out that any MP who disagrees with his decision may submit a private bill to ask for a revision

KUALA LUMPUR – Oct 27, 2016: Dewan Rakyat Speaker Tan Sri Pandikar Amin Mulia holds to the opinion that  DAP’s Segambut member of parliament Lim Lip Eng had clearly disgraced Parliament yesterday, leading him to be ejected from the chamber.

This was especially so since Lim had immediately after that held a press conference to air his grouses.

Lim was ordered to leave the chamber following a heated spat with Pandikar Amin, who had asked the MP to stop insulting the speaker outside of parliament.

According Pandikar Amin, any MP who does not agree with the speaker’s decision may submit a private bill, through Standing Order 43, to ask for a revision of the decision.

In Lim’s case, it was the speaker’s decision to eject him and suspend him from parliament for two days.

“They cannot immediately hold a press conference to air their grouses,” said Pandika Amin to the press at Parliament today.

He explained that any MP who called for a press conference to object the speaker’s decisions had inadvertently disgraced parliament by not obeying the standing orders.

Standing Order 43 was not the only rule Lim had violated, said Pandikar Amin. Lim had also violated Standing Order 35 when he spoke to the speaker before he was allowed to do so.

Yesterday, Lim told the press that Pandikar Amin’s lecture was uncalled for because he had wanted to discuss a motion he had filed.

Pandikar Amin however argued that to lecture an errant MP is well within his powers as speaker.

“Standing Order 99 clearly states that the speaker can, at any time, advise MPs on the do’s and don’ts in parliament.

“So you tell me, by violating these standing orders, who was the one who had disgraced parliament?” he rhetorically asked the press.

“I know that they wanted to play to the gallery when they decided to hold the press conference but parliament is not a market-place, where you can simply talk whenever you want and however you want,” said Pandikar Amin.

Responding to Lim’s claim that the speaker was merely appointed by the ruling party instead of being elected by the people, Pandikar Amin countered that this is unfounded.

“I was elected as speaker by MPs who were elected by the people.”

“This is the problem with some of our MPs. ‘We should emulate the west; is what they keep on insisting but in reality they cannot even behave like western parliamentarians.

“Never has it happened in the history of western parliaments where MPs staged a walkout when the national budget is being presented,” chided Pandikar Amin in reference to the opposition MPs’  walkout last Friday.



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