DAP is still Pas’ ally, says Hadi

Zaidi Azmi
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KUALA SELANGOR– June 6, 2015: Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang has clarified that the party is yet to severe ties with its Pakatan ally, DAP.

He said the motion to part way with DAP, as tabled during the party’s muktamar (annual general meeting) which was concluded today, still have to be studied by the Pas central working committee.

Responding to reporters at the end of the muktamar, Hadi said the question over whether Pas will pit its candidates against DAP in future elections should not arise yet as both parties are still allies in the Pakatan coalition.

“I would like to clarify that we have not yet severe ties with DAP,” he said before explaining that the matter still needed to be discussed by the Pas leadership.

Hadi’s clarification came following reports that DAP leaders had responded negatively earlier today to suggestions that Pas had actually broke relation with their party.

DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang was quoted in a report as saying that all Pas lawmakers in DAP-controlled Penang, who holds position in the state government should prepare their resignation letter.

“You have to ask him (Lim) why he came to that conclusion,” said Hadi when asked about the DAP leader’s reaction.

Earlier, during his closing speech, Hadi reminded members and leaders of the Islamist party’s past and present struggles throughout its political journey.

“We are different from other political parties. Since its formation Pas has always infused its movements with Islamic teachings.

“Pas has never separated Islam in any aspects, be it political, economic and even social and we have done so without adversely affecting the needs of the non-muslims,” he said.

Hadi said Pas’ quest to implement Islamic criminal laws (hudud), particularly in Kelantan will never wane.

“We will continue to champion hudud and we will also heighten our efforts to educate the people, especially our Muslims brethren. We do not want them to be drown with ignorance,” he said.

At one point Hadi, assured that Pas’ cooperation with the non-muslims in Malaysia is not because the party intended to use them as a political tool.

“We harbour no intention of making them a political slave. The reason of our cooperation is that we wanted to correct their misconception about Islam,” Hadi said.

Hadi reminded party members that just because Pas had incorporated Islam as its main thrust, they should not be of the opinion that they were “any holier than anyone else”.

“We must welcome critics because it is a norm for others to point out our mistakes. What we should be truly worried about is when we are showered with praises,” he said.

Hadi also tried to coax those who lost in the party election, particularly leaders from the so- called progressive faction to stay loyal with Pas.

He cited several anecdotes in Islamic history depicting the loyalty of Muslim leaders that remained steadfast to Islam’s cause despite them losing their positions while performing their duties.

Additional reporting: Nikita Nawawi



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