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Cyclists cheer AirAsia’s prompt apology

Ahirul Ahirudin
Written by Ahirul Ahirudin

KUALA LUMPUR — March 22, 2018: Malaysian cyclists are giving the thumbs up to the fast response and apology by AirAsia Chief Executive Officer Riad Asmat over the video of the airline’s ramp staff mishandling passangers’ bicycles unloaded from an aircraft’s cargo bay.

To Olympian Fatehah Mustapa, Riad had made the right move by apologising to cyclists, especially those affected by the incident.

“Since the video had became viral AirAsia should apologise, and they did,” said Fatehah.

“For that, apology is accepted but I hope no such incident will recur,” she added.

Senior cyclist Ahmad Fadzil Samsudin, 66, said the apologies by both AirAsia Group CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes at his Facebook account and Riad’s are welcomed.

“It’s always nice to see people acknowledging their mistakes and apologise. I hope AirAsia can learn from this and improve,” said Fadzil.

Another cyclist, Alexander Choo, also viewed the apology positively and expressed hope that AirAsia will never repeat the mistake.

“Acknowledging and addressing the issue head-on, that is the right step forward,” said Choo.

“I hope AirAsia will further up their game by guaranteeing the bike’s condition and pay accordingly if there is damage,” he added.

The managing director of Innovation Labs Asia, Scott Bales, who is also a cyclist and based in Singapore, commented at Facebook that he was amazed by AirAsia’s response and hopes that Singapore Airlines will follow suit.

Take note Singapore Airlines, I reported the exact same thing to you last November and your response was ‘we take no responsibility’,” said Bales.

“AirAsia just showed cyclists and travelers worldwide that they are far superior than to old and arrogant ways,” he remarked.

Riad had issued the apology in a video posted at the AirAsia official Facebook page.

He said that “as a cyclist myself, I was pretty disturbed when I saw the actions of our ramp staff and rest assured that we have taken action.”

As a gesture of goodwill, AirAsia will waive all fees regarding bicycle transportation for the whole of April.



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