Cyber uproar over G25 personality’s discussion with AG on Najib’s case

Datuk Noor Farida Ariffin

Written by TheMole

KUALA LUMPUR –Feb. 6, 2019: A Facebook posting by Datuk Noor Farida Ariffin, a leading member of self-styled Malay moderate group G25, has grabbed public attention for revealing her discussion with Attorney-General Tommy Thomas on the impending court hearing of former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

The post has attracted over 1,000 comments in less than 24 hours, with most being hostile towards Farida and Thomas.

Many of those who criticised the duo questioned the appropriateness of them discussing the case in public even before it was heard in court.

Farida in particular was condemned by some of her detractors for allegedly trying to influence public opinion to support an outcome of the case which is favourable to the prosecution.

Farida’s Facebook post reads:

“With my old friend Tommy Thomas, the Attorney General,at the Chinese New Year Open House of the Low Yat Family at the Federal hotel. Conversation inevitably turned to the impending trial of our former PM Najib Razak, fixed for hearing next week on 12 February. He faces 40 charges related to the plunder of our sovereign fund 1MDB. Tommy assured me that the prosecution is well prepared. The best wishes of all right thinking Malaysians are with him and his team. We are hoping for a conviction on all or most of the charges.”

Among those who criticised Farida, who is also the head of government’s workforce training scheme Human Resources Development Fund, was Luz Nalza.

She commented — “stupid.. you are representing government. Should you discuss everything on social media? just like old days when you are opposition.. cheap popularity and character assassination.”

Amien Safizie Tamizi and others on the other hand questioned Thomas’ work ethics and criticised him for discussing his work as AG with friends at a public function.

Among those who shared the same view were Zamry MK , Kamal Aslam Kamal Own’s and Yusof Rashman.

Yusuf wrote: “What happened to the ethics of legal profession? Discussing a court case openly before it is heard in front of a judge. If this narrative by Farida is true, then this is really bad.”

There were also many who commented at the Farida’s Facebook post expressing their support for Najib.

NaDia Chu Lyen wrote that not all Malaysians were agreeable to the charges leveled at the former prime minister. She described them as motivated by vengeance and for the interest of one’s cronies.

“Najib’s real fault was actually because he was helping the people more than other leaders. So, don’t be too smug. We will always remember Najib for the good things that he had done even if you slap him with 100 charges. That’s because those charges are actually to cleanse you and your cronies. The AG is clearly bias,” she added.

Abdul Muizz Awang Marusin, who also expressed support for Najib, wrote that he was confident the former prime minister’s team is as well prepared as the prosecution.

“Concerned Malaysians send them the best wishes. Allah is All Knowing the truth,” he added.





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