Cross-cultural touch to Gong Xi video

Ahirine Ahirudin
Written by Ahirine Ahirudin

KUALA LUMPUR – February 15, 2018: Four friends have come up with a cross-cultural music video that has quickly become the rave as Malaysians celebrate Chinese New Year tomorrow.

The 90-second video features the classic Chinese New Year song He Xin Nian (Celebrating the New Year) for the first time in three languages — Chinese, Malay and Tamil.

The man behind the video, Super Red Music producer Daeren Tan, said he was inspired by the music of Malaysian cinema legend Tan Sri P. Ramlee.

“Actually about two weeks ago I came across a P. Ramlee song and thought the tune and arrangement could be put together with Chinese and Tamil lyrics which at the same time promotes unity in conjunction with Chinese New Year,” said Tan.

“When people shared the video we were really happy as our goal is to touch Malaysians and to remind that we’re Malaysians. So far we have received no negative comments.”

The passionate musician wishes to connect all Malaysians through his cross-cultural music video as Malaysia is unique in that the festive occasion of one ethnic group is celebrated by other ethnic groups, making it truly multiracial in character.

“Through this video I hope to unite Malaysians because somehow our people are divided if you look at our social aspects.”

In the video, Tan plays the ukulele, his business partner Richard Skin Chua plays the tabla, an Indian instrument, media practitioner Badri Ibrahim sings and professional guzheng performer Sara Heng plays the guzheng, an ancient Chinese plucked string instrument.



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