Covid-19: US terminates relationship with WHO

Written by TheMole

WASHINGTON, May 30 2020: The United States yesterday severed ties with the World Health Organisation (WHO), claiming that it failed to do enough to curb the initial spread of Covid-19.

President Donald Trump had first suspended funding to the United Nation agency last month.

He accused WHO of mismanaging the handling of the global pandemic and being a “puppet” of China.

Announcing the end of US ties with WHO yesterday, Trump said it has failed to make the necessary reforms.

He said the US would be redirecting funds previously allocated to the WHO “to other worldwide and deserving urgent global public health needs.”

He also demanded transparency from China, where the Covid-19 virus was first detected.

Beijing has denied US’ allegations that it played down the Covid-19 threat when it first emerged in Wuhan late last year.

The US was the largest contributor to WHO, providing at least US$400 million in funding last year.

According to a tally kept by Johns Hopkins University, it recorded 1,225 Covid-19 coronavirus deaths yesterday, bringing its total to 102,798.

The country has officially logged 1,745,606 overall cases of the virus, far more than any other nation.

Earlier this week, the UN health agency launched a new independently-run foundation for private donations. The majority of its budget is in voluntary contributions.

The WHO only has control over the spending of countries’ “assessed contributions” from member states, which are calculated on their wealth and population.



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