Covid-19: US states reimpose restrictions as cases spike

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Written by TheMole

June 25 2020

Health authorities in the United States are reimposing tough Covid-19 restrictions in worst-hit areas following a new wave of infections.

Florida’s number of new infections soared by 5,508 on Tuesday, bringing its total to more than 109,000 confirmed cases and 3,281 deaths.

Adding to the worry was that the average age of new Covid-19 patients was just 33 years.

Bars and restaurants in the state had been warned that they could lose their alcohol licenses if they fail to observe social distancing guidelines.

In Texas, new cases hit a daily high of 5,489 on Tuesday, prompting the authorities to advice the public to stay home and venture out only if necessary.

The state was also preparing for the possibility of implementing additional restriction measures if the situation worsen.

California, which is the nation’s most populous state, saw a daily record of 7,149 new cases on Tuesday.

The state, along with Washington and Miami, which also experienced similar spike in new cases had reimplemented mandatory mask rules in public places.

Neighbouring Arizona is also recording a worrying increase of new cases which quadrupled since the stay-at-home order expired on May 15.

Its reported seven-day rolling average of 39 new cases per 100,000 residents is now the highest among the states.

The United States is currently the hardest hit country with over 121,000 dead.



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