Covid-19: Those who make unauthorised balik kampung trip could be in trouble

Be warned: Motorists who somehow manage to balik kampung without permits during Hari Raya this weekend may not be so lucky on their return trip.

Written by TheMole

KUALA LUMPUR — May 18, 2020: Those who manage to “sneak” past the roadblocks while making unauthorised inter-state travel to balik kampung and celebrate Hari Raya could end up greeting uninvited guests — cops and soldiers making the rounds to look for them!

This is one of the measures to be taken by the government to go after these “unauthorised” travellers.

According to Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador, towards this end his personnel and soldiers will be checking housing areas and villages.

Police will also check vehicles to see if owners have the permits to travel inter-state.

Before this Senior Minister (Security Cluster) Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob had cautioned those without the permits to travel inter-state, reminding them that those who somehow manage to sneak pass the roadblocks to balik kampung may not be so lucky while making the return trip.



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