Covid-19: Spike in Europe prompts tighter mask rules, tests

Written by TheMole

July 25, 2020

The World Health Organization has expressed concern over a new spike in number of Covid-19 cases in Europe over the past two weeks.

An official of its European chapter has warned that reintroduction of stricter and targeted measures may be needed to manage the situation.

Britain, France, Germany and Austria have already imposed stricter mask rules and testing.

Europe, which has recorded over 15 million Covid-19 infections and 207,000 deaths is now struggling to balance between the need for Covid-19 restrictions and reviving economies.

Health authorities in Spain are still struggling to contain a recent new outbreak in Aragon and Catalonia.

France has yet to resume general travel to and from high risk countries and masks are now mandatory on public transport, in shops and enclosed spaces.

Britain and Austria have also made it compulsory for people to wear a mask in shopping centres, banks, takeaway outlets, sandwich shops and supermarkets.

Elsewhere, the United States, which is the worst-hit country, has now recorded 145,324 deaths and 4.1 million infections.

It was reported yesterday that more than 70,000 new cases and 1,000 deaths were recorded in a 24-hour period as the country suffered a new surge of the pandemic in its southern and western states.

Meanwhile, Chinese authorities are worried over a possible outbreak in Dalian and will conduct rigorous testing among the port city’s six million population, some of whom have already been put under localised lockdowns.

In India, where over 30,600 people had died of Covid-19, health authorities said almost 50,000 new cases have been recorded over the past 24 hours.



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