Covid-19: Spike in cases among foreigners a challenge

Infections among foreign workers in Malaysia a challenge for health authorities. (Photo an illustration only.)

Written by TheMole

PUTRAJAYA — June 1, 2020: The spike in infections affecting foreign workers since recent weeks is the latest challenge facing Malaysian health authorities.

The rise in these infections was detected in late April and based on forecast models by the National Institute of Health.

It started on April 29 with imported cases, infections at Immigration detention centres and also among workers within the community.

But according to Health director-general Datuk Dr. Noor Hisham Abdullah, the institute’s forecast models relating to infection of Malaysians were in line with steps under the movement control order.

He also said that several steps were needed to prevent the further spread among foreign workers.

Of the 1,545 samples taken from foreigners at the Bukit Jalil detention centre, 283 tested positive while of the 1,785 samples taken at the Semenyih centre, 65 tested positive and in Sepang, 60 of the 1,477 tests were positive. Only two of the 101 tests at the Putrajaya detention centre were positive.



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