Covid-19: Spain’s Catalonia returns to lockdown

Written by TheMole

July 13 2020

Spain’s Catalonia region has been put on Covid-19 alert over the weekend as its northeastern town of Lerida was put back on lockdown following a sudden spike in number of new cases.

The affected area, which has a population of more than 200,000 was the first being confined again since the country ended its nationwide lockdown on June 21.

Residents there were only allowed to leave their homes to go to work, get medical treatment or purchase food and other necessities. They were also not allowed to have a gathering of more than 10 people.

More than 70 new Covid-19 clusters have now been identified in Spain since the country ended its original lockdown.

The spike in number of cases was also detected in Barcelona, which is the capital of Catalonia, northwest regions of Galicia and the Basque country.

Catalonia have again made mask-wearing in public compulsory, and other regions, namely the Balearic archipelago, Andalusia and Aragon are also going to do the same.

Spain is among the worst hit countries, suffering almost 400,000 cases and over 28,400 deaths since the pandemic reached the country in late February.



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