Covid-19: Seven Malaysians among Singapore’s 942 latest daily cases

Medical officers attend to a migrant worker at a dormitory in Singapore.

Written by TheMole

SINGAPORE, April 19 2020: Seven Malaysians are among the 942 new Covid-19 cases reported here yesterday.

There are now 92 Malaysians, who have been infected by the virus in Singapore.

The republic’s health ministr said in a statement that two of the latest Malaysian cases are linked to foreign workers dormitories in Tuas and Sungei Tengah.

It also clarified that a 40-year-old Malaysian patient who tested positive on April 17 and died yesterday did not succumb to Covid-19 complications. The cause of his death was classified as acute myocardial infarction with cardiogenic shock.

Of the 942 new cases reported yesterday, 22 are in the community: 27 are Work Permit holders who reside outside dormitories while 893 are Work Permit holders who are dorm residents.

As of yesterday, Singapore recorded a total of 5,992 Covid-19 cases, out of whom 740 have been discharged from hospitals or community isolation facilities.

Of the 2,563 confirmed cases who are still in hospital, most are stable or improving, while 23 are in critical condition in the intensive care unit.

Another 2,678 cases who are clinically well despited tested positive have been put in isolation. Singapore has so far reported 11 Covid-19 deaths.



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