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Covid-19: People reminded to stay home to fight spread of virus

Muhyiddin mentioned about the balik kampung exodus and asked the people to stay home instead to fight Covid-19.

Written by TheMole

KUALA LUMPUR — March 18, 2020: Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin tonight reminded Malaysians to stay home during the two-week movement control order, while explaining that the MCO is intended to break the chain of infection.

The ultimate target of the order is to rid the country of the outbreak which until today recorded 790 cases after 117 more were confirmed. There have been two deaths while 60 have recovered. A total of 513 cases are linked to the tabligh event in Sri Petaling several days ago.

In a televised address tonight, Muhyiddin reiterated that the order is meant to stop people from moving around and certainly not for those in the towns to balik kampung (return to their hometowns).

“Just stay at home. No need to go out anywhere. With this, everyone can avoid and help stop the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak,” was his impassioned advice and plea.

“The virus spreads through close contact and if the people are still freely moving around, what more in crowded places, chances are high there will be close human contact.

“The government hopes that once the two-week period is over, those with symptoms will be successfully isolated to undergo treatment, in the process leading to a Covid-19 free Malaysia,” he said. 

But Muhyiddin also mentioned that if during the two weeks until March 31 the outbreak remains unchecked, the government may be forced to extend the duration of the order.

He further said that he needs the support of doctors, nurses, police officers, civil servants, private sector workers, students and everyone else to prevent Covid-19 from spreading.



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