Covid-19: NGO wants better example from political leaders

Many MPs and others do not wear masks in Parliament although it is a closed, indoor area.

Written by TheMole

KUALA LUMPUR — July 20, 2020: A non-governmental association has asked government leaders to set a good example by wearing a face mask at all large gatherings and to also practise physical distancing as part of efforts to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Free Malaysia Today online news portal today quoted Azrul Mohd. Khalib of the Galen Centre for Health and Social Policy as pointing out that even senior government officials seemed to flaunt the very rules imposed on the public.

“It doesn’t make sense that they tell people to follow the SOPs but they and their staff don’t,” he commented.

Yesterday, Bandar Kuching MP Kelvin Yii suggested that the federal and state governments to implement universal masking on top of distancing and using hand sanitisers, especially since about 70% of Covid-19 patients in Malaysia are reported to be asymptomatic.

FMT further quoted the head of Malaysian Medics International, Dr. Vikkineshwaran Siva Subramaniam, as saying that the current SOPs may be insufficient, especially for asymptomatic patients.

According to Azrul, reusable cloth masks are more sustainable and cost-effective in the long term and lamented that a government promise of free masks for all households had not reached most of the targets.



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