Covid-19: Indonesia’s cases surpassed 100,000; Singapore’s over 50,000

A Covid-19 funeral at a cemetary in Jakarta.

Written by TheMole

July 28 2020

The number of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia has surpassed 100,000 as it recorded over 1,000 new cases daily since it eased restrictions several weeks ago.

As of yesterday, the country had officially suffered a total of 4,838 deaths but many believe the tolls should be higher due to its low testing rates.

The Indonesian authorities are struggling to contain the pandemic amidst protests against distancing rules and even testing in parts of the country.

The recent re-opening of offices, restaurants, shopping malls and tourist attractions have been blamed for the latest surge in number of Covid-19 cases.

President Joko Widodo has called for higher testing rates and a tougher response, including threats to reshuffle his cabinet if ministers fail to do a better job at handling the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Singapore reported 469 new Covid-19 cases yesterday.

The country’s Ministry of Health (MOH) said two of the cases were in the community category, involving one Singaporean and one work pass holder, while the rest involved foreign workers staying in dormitories.

Singapore has now recoded 50,838 cases with 27 deaths.

It classified 671 of its cases as imported, 2,165 as community transmissions, and 47,533 as dorm residents.

There are 173 confirmed cases still in hospital, with most being stable or improving and none in the intensive care unit.

A total of 4,648 patients who have symptoms or are clinically well but still test positive for Covid-19 have been isolated at community facilities.



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