Covid-19: Headscarves businesswoman says sorry over callous remark

Vivy Sofinas Yusof

Zaidi Azmi
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KUALA LUMPUR – March 30, 2020: Entrepreneur Vivy Sofinas Yusof has apologised for her controversial criticism of the government’s efforts to help ease the financial burdens of those affected by the outbreak.

Vivy, best known for her exclusive headscarves products, claimed that her haters had twisted her words when she complained that the stimulus package plan announced last Friday, offered little help to businesses, particularly small and medium ones.

What truly landed her in hot soup was when she concurred with the point from another entrepreneur who commented that “the poor will become richer” during the movement control order as they will be receiving the bulk of the package’s cash handouts.

“My words were taken out of context and reinterpreted to say that I don’t care about the B40 (lower income group). That is not true. I do care. Very much,” said Vivy’s yesterday apology on Instagram.

“I am highlighting the need to support SMEs so that there is security of jobs for millions of Malaysians in the next few months. That is all. I apologise for my actions and my poor choice of words that offended anybody. It was never my intention to offend you,” she added.

Vivy’s apology however did not gel well with many Netizens, some of whom deemed it a fake.

“Vivy’s apology isn’t even an apology. Instead of taking accountability for her words, she deflected it and blamed Netizens for supposedly twisting her words. The only responsibility she takes is for ‘inviting hate’. She does not care at all,” tweeted Fildzah!

“Your fake apology, arrogance and lack of empathy have made people lose their interest in you. People are angry, anxious and worried. Selfishness from rich people at the moment is not popular at all,” tweeted I had just about enough.

There were also those who called her apology a cliché and likened her damage-control effort to that heard from politicians.

“The claim that one’s remarks were taken out of context has turned into a cliché these days. It was popularised by politicians and now it seems to be spewed out uncontrollably to serve as a cushion to absorb criticisms,” tweeted Absalias.

“The context is quire clear. Vivy replied to a comment that ignorantly remarked the poor will become richer when everyone knows it will not. And she did it by replying with a clear, “exactly” to boot,” tweeted Irman Ariff.

Contrary to Vivy’s complaint, the government has dished-out various types of aids via the stimulus package for SMEs, including the additional injection of RM4.5 billion to a special SME aid fund in a bid to help operational sustainability and job security.

An additional RM500 million was also allotted to an SME micro-credit scheme, upping the total to RM700 million. On top of that, a six-month grace period on all loan repayments — besides for credit cards — has been given.



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