Covid-19: Green zones increase to 64, including entire Perlis

Written by TheMole

KUALA LUMPUR, April 22 2020: The number of green zone districts with no active Covid-19 cases has now increased to 64, including the entire state of Perlis,

Based on the Health Ministry’s figures yesterday, eight districts are the latest to be categorised as green zones.

Perlis, which previously recorded 18 cases is categorised as a district by the Health Ministry and it became a green zone yesterday when its last four Covid-19 patients still being treated the previous day recovered from their illness.

The other latest districts in the list of green zones are in Pahang (Bera, Cameron Highlands, Temerloh, Rompin), Perak (Manjung), Negri Sembilan (Jempol), Kelantan (Pasir Mas), and Sabah (Tambunan).

Green zones are areas with no Covid-19 cases, yellow zones (one to 20 cases), orange zones (21 to 40 cases), and red zones (41 cases and above).

A district which is a yellow, orange or red zone will become a green zone, if the number of its active Covid-19 cases goes down to zero when patients there recover.

The positive trend of increasing number of green zones was in line with the relatively high number of daily recoveries and low number of new cases recorded of late.

The number of yellow zone districts has also decreased to 63, while there are now eight orange zones and 14 red zones.

The red zone district with the most number of active cases for now is Lembah Pantai with 347 active cases, followed by Kuching (217), Petaling (106), Seremban( 100), Hulu Langat (96), Kepong (87), Kluang (86), Johor Baru (73), Kuantan (71), Melaka Tengah (60),  Kota Samarahan (59), Titiwangsa (58), Klang (51) and Cheras (43).



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