Covid-19: EMCO in PJ Old Town to be lifted from tomorrow

Some of the illegal immigrants from the PJ Old Town area being taken away to be detained.

Written by TheMole

PETALING JAYA — May 20, 2020: An estimated 200 illegal immigrants around the PJ Old Town market area were rounded up today in a raid by Immigration.

The area was placed under the enhanced movement control order (EMCO) ten days ago after more than 20 of the wet market workers there and also residents tested positive for Covid-19.

But PJ Police announced today that the EMCO will be lifted from tomorrow.

During the EMCO some 2,900 households were screened and placed under strict restrictions, including not being allowed to leave home.

The immigrants detained today were from Indonesia, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. A similar raid was conducted at the Selayang wholesale market on May 11 and also in Kuala Lumpur’s Masjid India area.



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