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Covid-19: DBKL outlines business hours under CMCO

Food-courts in KL ca from May 4 operate from 7am to 10pm

Written by TheMole

KUALA LUMPUR — May 4, 2020: City Hall (DBKL) has outline the operation hours for businesses and services during the conditional movement control order beginning today.

The guidelines list the operation hours for wet markets, hypermarkets, sundry shops, restaurants, roadside stalls and services.

The details are as follows:

> Mini-markets and sundry shops: 8am to 8pm

>Convenience stores: 8am to 10pm

>Restaurants, food-courts, hawker centres, roadside stalls, food trucks, mobile stalls, temporary roadside stalls: 7am to 10pm

>Launderettes (including self-service): 9am to 10pm

>Wholesale and sheltered wet markets: 6am to 6pm

>Fresh food markets: 7am to 11am

>Vehicle workshops: 8am to 9pm

>Petrol stations: 6am to 10pm

>Hotels: 12am to 12pm (Only for essential services allowed by the government)

>Optical, furniture, goldsmith, electrical and electronics, books, hardware and pet food shops: 10am to 8pm

>Shopping complexes, department stores, pharmacies, fashion, boutique and self-care shops: 10am to 10pm

>Construction sites with permits: Based on previous DBKL permit

Not allowed:

>Sports activities, swimming, contact sports that involve more than 10 people

>Movies, theatres, karaoke centres, theme parks, museums, busking, entertainment centres, night clubs

>Barber shops, hair salons, beauty parlours and reflexology centres

>Pasar malam, open market bazaars

The public can call 03-4024 4424 or 03-4026-7222 for further details



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