Covid-19: China reports highest daily number of cases since April

China's wet markets have come in for criticism after one was identified as the likely source of the Covid-19 virus.

Written by TheMole

June 14 2020

China today reported 57 new Covid-19 cases which is the highest daily figure since April.

The National Health Commission (NHC) said 36 of the new cases were domestic infections in Beijing and another two connected to those in northeastern Liaoning province.

The first new cases in Beijing for two months were detected on Friday with several of them being linked to the Xinfadi wholesale market which had since been closed.

Authorities also ordered fresh lockdowns in 11 residential areas near the market and the closure of schools and kindergartens there.

Worries about the safety of the food supply chain have also prompted the closure of some other markets in Beijing after it was reported that Covid-19 virus was detected on chopping boards used to handle imported salmon.

Food safety inspections particularly on meat, poultry and fish have been carried out at supermarkets, warehouses and catering services.

Reports of the new cases have also prompted the authorities to reimpose restrictions on sporting events, group dining and cross-provincial tour groups.

China has previously brought the Covid-19 outbreak, which first started in Wuhan, under control through strict lockdowns and since then, the majority of cases have been those imported from abroad.



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