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Covid-19: An open letter to PM from Matthias Chang

Matthias Chang

Written by TheMole

By Matthias Chang

Former political secretary of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia’s two-time Prime Minister.

April 24 2020

Dear YAB Tan Sri Muyhiddin Yasin,

Thank you so much for taking care of our country at this critical juncture.

Words can never express my appreciation and gratitude for the incredible manner in which you had discharged your duties and responsibilities since your appointment on March 1, 2020.

In just under 18 days, you rallied the entire country to wage war on Covid-19 and put into operation a rescue plan for our economy from the inevitable devastation and destruction presently sweeping across the developed countries.

But, the Pakatan Harapan regime wanted a full year “honeymoon” to get started and was graded a miserable 5/10 on its anniversary.

Not one minister resigned in shame! Yet, they are now conspiring to topple you.

You stood firm, disciplined and resolute in doing what is right without fear or favour, not subdued by the pressures of opportunistic politicians, many were “former colleagues” from the Pakatan Harapan regime (PH) and the then opposition coalition.

It was painful to witness the insidious manner in which insults and lies were hurled at you and your team, the unjust allegations of betrayals when it was the leaders of PH that betrayed the nation and wrought havoc to the political stability of our country.

Your appointment and that of your entire Cabinet, were constitutionally, lawfully and legitimately established by his Majesty the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in accordance with the provisions of our Constitution, the Supreme Law.

Unlike in UK where parliament is sovereign and supreme, the Constitution in Malaysia is supreme and our parliament has absolutely no say or role in the appointment of the Prime Minister and the establishment of the Cabinet.

It is fraudulent and a lie for anyone to assert that our parliament must certify the legitimacy of our government. Fake news!

Therefore, it was unbecoming and seditious for the jealous political leaders to pour scorn that your government is a “back-door” government in their futile attempts to shame you into abandoning your responsibilities.

You stood firm and true to the Prime Minister’s Oath of Office which you solemnly recited before the Agong and upheld the Constitution.

Your quiet dignity put to utter shame the conceited lawyers, retired Judge(s) and self-proclaimed experts that they knew better.

Their dreams of occupying high offices, power and glamour were shattered by the collapse of the PH government.

These bunch of plotters are driven by jealousies, anger and frustration. If truth be told, you were never in their equations and calculations which reflect their arrogance and contempt.

Karma has wrought a heavy price – one horse peed at the “Starters Gate” and another was confused as to which race to run. The Jockey, undecided as to which horse to ride, was left high and dry with no horses to ride before the race took off.

It was pathetic. And what a comedy of errors! If another truth needs to be told, it was your stunning victory.

It reminded me of Foinavon (1958–1971) the Irish racehorse. Wikipedia describes it well – “He won the Grand National in 1967 at odds of 100/1 after the rest of the field fell, refused or were hampered or brought down in a mêlée at the 23rd fence. The fence was officially named after Foinavon in 1984”.

I have no hesitation in stating that you have been blessed by Allah and it is your destiny to be the Prime Minister at this crucial hour. And God willing, you will lead the country to victory over Covid 19 and in 2023.

My unwavering confidence in your destiny is derived from my daily morning meditation, when in the early morning of my birthday – 22nd February, 2020, my meditative insight revealed that “… your path is blocked, your solutions will be discarded.

Karmic retribution will decide, turn your back and follow the new path…

The Third Truth that needs to be told is that from the moment you were sworn in as the Prime Minister, I did not hesitate my journey on the chosen new path.

I told everyone that, as evidenced by all my Whatsapp messages since March 1, 2020, the entire country must rally behind you and your team.

I received initial condemnations from the ignorant and blinkered. Only one person instinctively knew and understood my support, my most trusted friend and comrade, a devout Muslim.

My second insight was, “He has been tested. Many would have given up by now, but he persisted and against all odds, survived and won a personal victory against a life-threatening disease.

He was by-passed once as it was not his time. He will break the chain. Do what you can for him from afar as those who have erected obstacles against you in the previous years, are still doing their dastardly crimes but this too will pass…”

Finally, I am now taking this opportunity to request that you must on an urgent basis, be hands-on to resolve the crisis that has engulfed Petronas.

Please direct your Finance Minister and an independent expert in the oil industry to advise you on the current challenges faced by all oil producers.

Remember that Petronas is the Crown Jewel of our economy, specifically the Bumiputera economy. This is the reality.

Ignore and turn your back on race baiters and bigots. Please stay focus and equip yourself about Petronas and the oil industry. Our country’s fate in more ways than one is hanging on this delicate balance.

The second issue concerns another problem relating to revenue. I have
researched and surfed the entire internet, global MSM, financial news and
specialist publications etc.

But I have yet to read any detail analysis and or plans to address the sharp fall in revenues in the immediate short and mid-term and what the country must do to increase revenues in the current topsy-turvy world of declining “wealth of nations” and a harsh deflationary environment.

I guarantee that inflation will only surface much later. Prices have to collapse first before it reverses the trend. Inflation is not a priority, deflation is.

I am willing to debate with anyone here in Malaysia and now on the issue of deflation.

This is rather simple. When we are now in a lockdown scenario, and businesses are at a standstill, all revenues go south. For the government, tax revenues are screwed. No government can extract “blood money” from sick patients by way of any fiscal tools.

Instead, we are providing “blood transfusions” to keep alive the patient via the misnomer “stimulus packages” and other solutions.

Your government is on the right track with the extension of MCO, as life is paramount and a priority. But, please do not, repeat do not push on the panic button. There are always silver linings even within dark clouds!

I seek your indulgence that I cannot within the parameters of this Open Letter spell out in detail the probable solutions. Please get the data sets in place first, a separate task force to start churning out the figures as without the “ingredients” there are no dishes to serve.

In conclusion, I wish you good health and every success in all your endeavours.

No one can bully you and or your team into doing silly political horse trading. If you truly believe that Allah has blessed you, then your Faith is your shield and truth your sword, and your path will be clear.



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