Court reverses acquittal against ‘balloon girl’


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KUALA LUMPUR — Oct. 3, 2017: A High Court today ordered a dancer to enter her defence for behaving in an insulting manner by releasing yellow balloons at an event attended by the prime minister and his wife in August 2015.

Judge Datuk Mohd. Sofian Abd. Razak made the decision against Bilqis Hijjas, 37, after finding that the prosecution’s appeal managed to prove a prime facie case.

“The court is also of the opinion that the magistrate’s court had erred when making its decision,” said Sofian.

On July 1, 2016, a magistrate’s court acquitted Bilqis without calling for her defence against the charge of insulting behaviour.

Bilqis, known as the balloon girl after the incident, was charged with committing the offence of throwing yellow balloons from the fifth level of the Pavilion shopping centre here.

The daughter of renowned architect Hijjas Kasturi was charged under the Minor Offences Act which carries a maximum fine of RM100 if found guilty.

The balloons had the words democracy, free media and justice.



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