Who's afraid of the Felda IPO?


Who's afraid of the Felda IPO?

Who's afraid of the Felda IPO?

Friday, February 24, 2012
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Umno's Ku Li says the listing of FGVH would endanger the future of settlers while is PKR's Rafizi Ramli branded the IPO "an evil scheme". (Graphic by Dayang Norazhar for The Mole).

KUALA LUMPUR: Journalist and blogger Datuk Ahirudin Attan, also known as Rocky, called out certain quarters today for their criticism of the planned listing of Felda Global Ventures Holdings, saying the listing would greatly benefit the settlers and their families.


Rocky wrote about the subject in his blog today in response to criticism by Umno’s Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and PKR’s Rafizi Ramli of the government’s plan to go ahead with the listing.


Tengku Razaleigh had said the planned listing would endanger the future of the settlers; Rafizi called it “an evil scheme”.


“Scary," Rocky wrote in his blog. "Since when did an IPO become an evil scheme to cheat the rakyat?”


“Yes, it's scary when young politicians like Rafizi start to label things ‘evil’,” he added.


Rocky continued: “Evil is the scheming going on to stop the IPO and to deny the settlers' children and their children to have a shot at a better life, for them to be able to get out of the little plots that the government opened up years ago so that they could pursue bigger and better opportunities.”


Rocky also chided Rafizi and Tengku Razaleigh for wanting the settlers and their children and grandchildren to become trapped in the settler community.


“What the IPO offers settlers is not just the windfall in terms of ringgit and sen,” he said. “It allows these settlers to move up in life and become part of the future growth of Felda in Malaysia and the rest of the world. It allows the settlers to keep what they already have and, in addition, open up vistas for the settlers' future generations to become more than just settlers.”


“Now, what's evil about transforming the Felda settlers, almost all of whom are Malays, into more than just settlers so that they can have the better lives, Rafizi?” he asked.


Blogger Big Dog also defended the government’s decision to proceed with the planned listing without KPF, and accused the opposition of creating drama to deflect attention away from their own shortcomings.


“When a program is initiated with a good objective to safeguard the strategic importance of Felda settlers, the opposition drama also begins,” he wrote in his blog today.


“It was only after the listing of FGVH involving KPF failed, and the Federal Government went ahead with the listing of FGVH through another entity, that the majority of KPF representatives realised their loss,” he said.


“This includes statements made by the opposition such as PAS and PKR,” he continued, “even though all this time they were the ones inciting the settler community to reject the proposal.”


Regarding a call by opposition politicians for the matter to be put to a debate, Big Dog said, “The proposal for a debate is a common tactic of the opposition, especially PKR, to attract attention because actually they don’t have ideas that are original or sound.”


In fact,” he said, “nothing productive could come from a debate except for an opposition circus, especially PKR, which day by day is losing confidence, including among its own leaders and members.”