Who are the real culprits?


Who are the real culprits?

Who are the real culprits?

Thursday, February 2, 2012
  • Nigerian Menace
Could the increase of foreign criminals in Malaysia be due to claims that obtaining our visas is as easy as purchasing cigarettes from 7-Eleven? - Mazidulakmal.com pic

KUALA LUMPUR:  Claims that Nigerians could obtain Malaysian visas as easily as purchasing a pack of cigarettes from the 7-Eleven store are ‘widely exaggerated’, says Deputy Foreign Minister A.Kohilan Pillay.


"I don't think it is that easy for our immigration and embassy to let people into Malaysia. Definitely not as easy as getting cigarettes at the 7-Eleven," he said.


Kohilan told The Mole most Nigerians enter the country using student visas and they must abide by the rules and regulations that come with the entry permission.


Kohilan admitted that strict enforcement and constant monitoring of foreigners, particularly those on student visas, was necessary to avoid visa abuse cases which had become prevalent nowadays.


He was commenting on a blog posting by Syed Akbar Ali, who wrote about an email he had received from a Nigerian in response to a recent blogpost urging the government to "curb the African menace in Malaysia".


In December, Syed published an article written by Norman Fernandez, urging the Government to "curb the African menace in Malaysia."


"Clearly Africans in Malaysia have moved from being a nuisance, to a menace and now they are fast becoming a threat to national security.


"Africans after arriving have moved on and created mini colonies in areas around Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan.


 "With their loutish and boorish behavior, they are not only a nuisance but also a disturbance in many neighbourhoods.  In short they have become a menace,” Fernandez said.


Fernandez criticised Nigerians in particular, as did many of the people who commented on the blog post.


Several comments were critical of the article, with some saying Fernandes should not generalise because Africa is an entire continent that contains many countries.


Responding to the hard-hitting article in the blog, one Kennedy W, who claims to be a Nigerian, wrote an email to the blogger.


The email, which Syed published in OutSyed The Box, echoed some of the critical comments on the earlier post, saying that while there were some bad apples among Nigerians in Malaysia, the big majority of them were here to study, work or to do business.


The writer noted that if there are many Nigerians causing problems in Malaysia, it is because the authorities have failed in their duties.


He claimed that Malaysian authorities fail to do the necessary checks and validation before his fellow Nigerian nationals are allowed into the country.


His most biting criticism was aimed at the Malaysian embassy in Nigeria.


Obtaining a Malaysian visa, he said, "is like going to 7-Eleven to buy cigarettes, instead of the normal price of 1,000 Naira you need to pay 10 or 20,000 Naira, as long as you can afford that you have a visa to Malaysia without a proper interview, it doesn't matter what you are going to do in Malaysia.


Blogger Syed expressed his concerns with Kennedy’s expose.


"I hope Wisma Putra will take note," he said.