Wanita Umno deputy chief quits party to contest as independent


Wanita Umno deputy chief quits party to contest as independent

Wanita Umno deputy chief quits party to contest as independent

Saturday, April 20, 2013
  •  GE13 Perak - Kamilia Ibrahim
Kamilia contesting as an independent a decision made after she was not chosen to contest in the seat of her choice in Kuala Kangsar. (Graphic by:Dayang Norazhar/The Mole)

KUALA LUMPUR : Deputy Wanita Umno chief, Datuk Kamilia Ibrahim has quit Umno and will be contesting as an independent candidate for the Kuala Kangsar parliamentary seat.


Kamilia will be in a three-cornered fight, against  Pas candidate Khalil Idham Lim who is Pas Perak's Information Chief and Barisan Nasional candidate, Datuk Wan Mohammad Khairil Anuar Wan Ahmad.


The Kuala Kangsar seat was previously held by veteran politician and former International Trade and Industry Minister, Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz with a majority of 1,458 against Pas candidate Khairuddin Abdul Malik.


Wan Mohammad Khairil was the former Bukit Chandan state assemblyman, a seat which was offered to Kamilia for this election.


In a posting on her Facebook page, Kamilia had confirmed about contesting as an independent candidate.


"Saya Kamilia Ibrahim telah disahkan oleh SPR sebagai calon bebas Parlimen Kuala Kangsar, dan dengan ini mengumumkan perletakan jawatan selaku Ahli Majlis Tertinggi UMNO, Naib Ketua Wanita UMNO Malaysia, Ketua Wanita UMNO Kuala Kangsar, dan Ahli Umno.


Kamilia however declined to contest in the state seat and expressed her dissappointment in BN's failure to field her in a seat of her choice.


She was reported to have expected to be fielded in Kuala Kangsar as she was the second in command in Wanita Umno, the party’s women’s wing.


Barisan Nasional chairman Najib Tun Razak announced today that termination letters will be sent out on Monday to party members standing as Independents in the 2013 general election.


“The party’s discipline is important; personal ambitions cannot override the party’s needs,”


“Without discipline, a party is destroyed. So we have made a ruling that whoever stands as an Independent cannot remain a member.


“The party will take action this Monday and send letters to sack whoever is contesting in the election as an Independent,” he said.