Under pressure, Nizar offers to apologise?


Under pressure, Nizar offers to apologise?

Under pressure, Nizar offers to apologise?

Tuesday, June 12, 2012
  • nizar Salahuddin Ayub Dr Wan Norashikin Wan Nordin
While Dr Wan Norashikin believes Nizar is insincere, Salahuddin Ayub says Nizar's action speaks volume of his responsible character. (Graphic by Dayang Norazhar/The Mole)

KUALA LUMPUR: A Perak Barisan Nasional leader said she believes former Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar has offered to apologise to the Sultan of Johor after feeling the pressure from the 30,000 loyalty-pledge gathering to show support for the Ruler.


Kampung Gajah state assemblywoman Datuk Dr Wan Norashikin Wan Nordin told The Mole,  Nizar’s recent announcement of wanting to meet the Sultan to apologise was insincere as he was pressured by Johoreans, especially the 30,000 crowd who attended the loyalty-pledge gathering in Istana Pasir Pelangi on Sunday.


Dr Norashikin said: “Nizar only offered to apologise when he realised the support the Sultan received.  Before this, he had stated he will only apologise if the Sultan finds it offensive.”


“Where is the sincerity in that statement? Now only when Johoreans had spoken out in support of their Ruler, Nizar finally realised he had underestimated the people’s sentiments.”


“Now, did Nizar say how and when specifically he will meet up with the Sultan? No. This is just his way to escape from the mess he created,” she added.


Dr Wan Norashikin was commenting on a news report stating Nizar, who is the MP for Bukit Gantang had expressed his readiness to meet up with the Johor Sultan to explain and apologise for his Twitter posting regarding the Sultan’s bidding for WWW1 car plate number.


In a press conference at the parliament today, Nizar also reportedly said: “I would like to apologise to the people of Johor and I’m ready to meet up with His Highness to explain the real meaning of my twitter posting on the issue of the car plate number WW1.”


Nizar had said he will apologise if the Sultan finds his remarks offensive.


He said he did not intend to insult the Ruler but merely stating the amount paid for WWW 1 plate number by the Sultan could be used in helping the Johoreans in need.



A blogger known as Big Cat wrote the gathering of 30,000 people at Istana Pasir Pelangi to pledge support for Sultan of Johor is something unexpected as the organisers only predicted some 6,000 people to attending.


“This is something people like Nizar Jamaluddin never expect when he tweeted that disrespectful remark about the way the Sultan uses his money.”


“Anyway, I don't think it's so much as about the Sultan's spending which prompted Nizar's remarks but rather the opportunity for him to run down the institution itself.”


Another blog post by Datuk Ahirudin Attan stated: “it is not that we the people shouldn't question the conduct of the members of the Royal families - they MUST! - but do it with finesse and cleverness, and do it for the good of the Raja-Raja institution.”


Meanwhile Pas vice president Salahuddin Ayub said Nizar’s willingness to meet the Ruler to explain his remarks speaks volume of his responsible character.


“Nizar had shown how he is willing to be responsible and to mend the situation for the better,” he said.


Salahuddin compared Nizar’s action with Umno leaders whom he alleged have been disrespectful to the royal institution and escaped easily.


Thus, Salahuddin said while the police is investigating Nizar’s remarks, they should open the old files of alleged disrespectful remarks by Umno leaders.