Talk could resolve Malay 'political' disunity


Talk could resolve Malay 'political' disunity

Talk could resolve Malay 'political' disunity

Monday, May 21, 2012
  • Pas Umno
Umno and Pas are entrusted to safeguard the interests of the Malays and Muslims

KUALA LUMPUR: The anticipated unity talk between Umno and PAS could put to rest internal conflicts further strengthen the Malays, says Universiti Utara Malaysia's political analyst Mohd Faisol Keling.


The UUM College of Law, Government and International Studies lecturer said the unity talk was crucial in the midst of the current Malay 'political' disunity.


"Firstly, PAS and Umno are the focal entities that have been entrusted to take care of Malay and Muslim's welfare, thus it is their responsibility to ensure Malay stays competitive in this country.


"The step (for a unity talk) enhances the possibility to see conflict of interests between these two entities be resolved in a peaceful way," he told The Mole.


Mohd Faisol also dismissed allegations that Umno-Pas unity was a threat to other races.



PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat had recently stated his willingness to hold a muzakarah with Umno, surprising many who were privy to Nik Aziz's strong anti-Umno stance.


Some bloggers remain skeptical of the Kelantan Mentri Besar's about-turn, pointing that Pas' eroding support among the Malays could be one of the reasons for Nik Aziz's sudden magnanimity.



Blogger MyKMU pointed that PAS was being heavily criticised by its ordinary members and supporters due to the fact that the party was seen as the weakest link in opposition pact.


"Grass root members including youth and hardcore supporters have been questioning PAS' integrity in the opposition pact, as it was clearly seen that the party could not work well with PKR and DAP.


"They are not satisfied with the way PAS' compromises its long-held ideologies and policies," the blogger said.


Blogger KL Chronicle is of the opinion that the proposed unity talk was nothing but Pas' desperate attempt to "milk" benefits from its cooperation with Umno. The blogger also doubted Nik Aziz's sincerity in wanting to talk to Umno.