Taking the bait


Taking the bait

Taking the bait

Monday, April 2, 2012
  • Anwar Ibrahim
Will revelations made in an upcoming court case reveal more than Anwar wants the public to know? (Photo by Hussein Shaharuddin/The Mole)

KUALA LUMPUR: A prominent socio-political blogger says now that Anwar Ibrahim has “taken the bait” to appear in court in a lawsuit initiated by Hong Leong Finance Bhd, the Malaysian public can expect many revelations about him as the court case proceeds.


A Voice, who writes anonymously in the blog Another Brick in the Wall, said, “Whether he delays the court date 50 times, it will not matter. Just like he did on Dato’ Nalla’s, he has taken the bait.”


“The Hong Leong Finance lawsuit is gaining prominence in public and Anwar knows it,” the blogger wrote. “And he also knows its implications.”


The blogger highlighted articles at news portals Free Malaysia Today and The Choice anticipating a tough fight for Anwar when he takes the stand.


"These allegations could prove explosive for Anwar and his bid to become Prime Minister at GE13," The Choice wrote. "His sales pitch to voters is based on presenting himself as a clean alternative to his Umno colleagues of the past."

"Now he stands accused of using his power and influence to receive money through a syndicate of lenders allegedly for use to fund his political machinations," the article continued.


A Voice echoed the news portal's anticipation, and said the court case will expose the truth about Anwar, who often rails against government corruption.

“By his logic, if Umno does not deserve to rule, he is equally or more undeserving,” he added.


The blogger said Anwar “knows there is nothing legally proven that can join the dots to him…but with the case still fairly safe, this challenge insults him.”


Noting the cross-examination of Anwar by the lawyer for defendant Low Thiam Hoe “should be something to look forward to,” the blogger wondered “How much can he make Anwar spill out?”


“Will it be enough to destroy Anwar’s reputation and campaign once and for all?” he asked.